Friday, November 16, 2007

Cats 2

Are you prepared to become a pet owner? Adopting a cat is a joyful event in every family. But cats bought at first glance can cause a big surprise and unfortunately sometimes a great disappointment, too. Many unwanted cats end up in the streets or animal shelters because of people's irresponsibility or inconsistent pledge.
It is not only joy but also a great responsibility It is important to know that if you buy a pet, you will have to take responsibility for it. You should never buy a cat as a result of a sudden resolution. As a pet owner you are required to take responsibility for an adopted living creature, you must take care of it not only when it is fit as a fiddle but also when it is ill for the rest of its life. The following guide is for those who are to become cat owners for the first time in their lives.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


A cat is a wonderful animal.It is one of the most liked pet amongst children.Cat belongs to the Felidae family.It is a small carnivorous animal.Its body is very very soft and has strong paws.The favourite food of cat is milk and fish.A cat is considered to be very intelligent and shrewd in nature.It uses variety of communication methods including mewing,hissing,growling.

Cats have extremely good sensory receptors than humans.They have a good eyesight,sensing ability and touch.A domestic cat's sense of smell is fourteen times as strong as humans.Cats are fond of climbing high on the trees or on any object.They feel a sense of security and pride when they climb to greater heights.It is said that a cat whenever falls from a greater height,it falls on his 4 feet thus posing no threat to his body.

Cats are very playful in nature.Especially the kittens play with a string of rope.I had a cat in my house who used to run after my father every now and then.The cat used to play with him like his own younger son.It is my belief that a cat helps in reducing the blood pressure of a high blood pressure person by acting as a friend.Like other cats my cat used to hunt for grasshoppers,lizards and squirrels.The lizard can post a danger to a cat as it contains poison which a cat cannot digest easily.Now-a-days ready made cat food is available in the market which comes with all the necessary nutrients for a cat.

Cats are very hygienic in nature.They often like to remain clean and tidy.They are often seen licking their fur with their saliva which is a powerful cleansing agent for them.There are various types of cats.I would name a few of them:

  • Bicolor cat

This is a cat which comes with two different colours of fur on his body.There are different patterns of Bicolor cat like the Tuxedo cat.

  • Maltese cat

It is a Short haired cat with a bluish-gray silky coat.

  • Ragamuffin

Ragamuffin cat is very doctile in nature.They have a semi long coat and are not aggressive in nature like the other cats.

  • Smoke cat

In this type of cat the colour of each of the cat comes in 2 forms.More than half the part of the hair is of different color and the remaining is of different color.

  • Tabby cat

This cat has several patterns on his coats like lines,swirls or dots.